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Painting by Hester Hattingh

Hester Hattingh grew up in the Eastern Cape. Her first solo exhibition was at the KKNK in 2004. Since then she has been a fulltime artist with numerous solo and group exhibitions.To Hester the rural landscape is an inspiration and all her paintings have that feeling of space, light and peace. For Hester colour is the emotion of nature and her paintings portrays it.

One of her works is currently on display at the gallery.

Anton Smit

Sculptor Anton Smit was born in the Transvaal town of Boksburg, RSA, in August 1954. He entered his first sculpting competition at the age of sixteen, and won the first prize.

Completely selftaught, the sculptor was awarded the first prize in the SA Association of Arts’ New Signatures Competition in 1979. Following successful exhibitions in Nelspruit, White River, Cape Town and Pretoria, Smit turned to sculpting full-time to cope with the demand for his work by galleries and private collectors alike. With works permanently on display at the Pretoria and Pietersburg Art museums and major art galleries across the counrty, the artist is fast becoming one of South Africa’s more important sculptors.

During 1990 international recognition came in the form of exhibitions in Rome and Milan, an invitation to exhibit in New York and Hong Kong as well as a return exhibition in Italy in 1993. More exhibitions have followed in Bonn, Washington, Singapore, Koln and Amsterdam.


Philip Badenhorst Artworks Stolen

A total of 9 artworks have been stolen from artist Philip Badenhorst, just prior to the opening of one of his upcoming exhibitions.

If you have information which may aid in the tracing of these artworks please do not hesitate to contact us.

Any information can be sent to info@artwessels.co.za.

Philip Badenhorst Artworks Stolen

9 Philip Badenhorst Artworks Stolen

[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_1.jpg]4480Philip Badenhorst
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_2.jpg]270Philip Badenhorst
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_3.jpg]320Philip Badenhorst
Surrounded by Saints
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_4.jpg]250Philip Badenhorst
New Years Painting
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_5.jpg]160Philip Badenhorst
Summer Inspiration By Irma Stern
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_6.jpg]160Philip Badenhorst
Wit-Blom Stillewe
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_7.jpg]130Philip Badenhorst
Geel Suurlemoen vir die Chirico
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_9.jpg]150Philip Badenhorst
Wit Blomme en Trosvye
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014
[img src=http://artwessels.co.za/wp-content/flagallery/philip-badenhorst-artworks-stolen/thumbs/thumbs_8.jpg]130Philip Badenhorst
I Forget as I Remember
Oil on canvas
CASE NUMBER : CAS16/5/2014



Philip Badenhorst

Born in 1957. Philip Badenhorst is well-known for his rich impasto, colourful and expressionistic oil paintings. He uses human figures, surrounded by flowers, foliage, bouquets,dark forests and water. The viewer is seduced by the surface of the paintings and various layers of content are discoverable beyond the obvious.

Nuwe Kunswerk

Michael heyns LR








Michael Heyns


Olie op doek

79 x 84 cm

R 20 000.00


Nuwe Kunswerke

On het ‘n paar nuwe kunswerke in die galery gekry.